Merino Wool Genotyping Services

Merino Wool Genotyping Services

Improve the quality of your Merino wool with genotyping. Use genetic data to target key traits and drive flock productivity.

MERINOSELECT: Assisting Merino Wool Producers 

Developed by Sheep Genetics, MERINOSELECT is a genetic evaluation system designed to support Australian Merino wool producers.

The system helps maximise the genetic potential of your flock by identifying traits that can better inform your breeding decisions and improve your flock’s ongoing performance.


The Benefits of Using MERINOSELECT

  • The easy-to-use interface is interactive and customisable, so you can develop a measurement program that aligns with your specific breeding context and goals.
  • MERINOSELECT uses ASBVs to help you understand your flock’s genetic potential across traits like wool quantity and quality, growth, disease resistance, and much more.
  • The use of ASBVs facilitates easy comparison, whether from one flock to another or assessing the progress of your breeding program over time.

MERINOSELECT and XytoVet: The Process

Once we’ve received your TSU sample and ensured its integrity, we’ll extract the DNA, process it and prepare your genotype data.

We’ll then send this data to the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), who will conduct the parentage and poll/horn analysis and return the results. We’ll send you this report once we are sure that it aligns with the requested testing.

AGBU will forward the poll/horn results and the genomics data to Sheep Genetics for inclusion in the next MERINOSELECT analysis run. You will need to upload the parentage results, along with any other trait measurements you have, to the Sheep Genetics Submission Portal (or by emailing the file to prior to the cut-off for the analysis run date, which can be seen here. For MERINOSELECT, this is the 7th and 21st of each month, except if that date falls on a weekend/NSW public holiday. In this case, the cut-off will be brought forward to the first business day prior.

The ASBVs for your animals will become available once the analysis has been completed by Sheep Genetics. You will be able to see these results approximately ten days after the analysis date by logging into the Sheep Genetics online dashboard.


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