Dairy Cattle Genotyping Services

Dairy Cattle Genotyping Services

Refine the genetic value of your dairy cattle herd with genotyping. Verified genetic data that makes selecting for performance traits easy.

Understanding Dairy Cattle Genetics

DNA analysis goes a step further than phenotype observations, uncovering vital genetic markers essential for milk production and disease resistance. Our genotyping services provide you with valuable genetic data that you can use to improve the quality and output of your dairy herd. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and supporting you to improve your herd’s genetic profile. Discover the difference our genotyping services can make in improving your dairy farm’s performance and sustainability.

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and supporting you to improve your herd’s genetic profile. Discover the difference our genotyping services can make in improving your dairy farm’s performance and sustainability.

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Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle Genetic Testing Services


At XytoVet, we use ThermoFisher Scientific’s Affymetrix Axiom Bovine Genotyping Array. This array is an innovative tool that enables trait selection of dairy cattle based on crucial genetic characteristics like horn/poll status, A1/A2 milk production.

Parentage Testing

Determining an animal’s true parentage gives you the confidence that you have full oversight over your herd’s genetic lineage and can make informed decisions about its future. We use multiple genetic markers to confirm the true parentage of your dairy cows, both dam and sire.



DataGene is an independent and industry-owned organisation that provides genetic evaluation tools and resources to the Australian dairy industry.

We use DataGene’s DataVat tool, which is a web portal that facilitates secure access to customisable reports, tools and resources for dairy farmers.


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Discover how DNA analysis can drive productivity, profitability and sustainability for your farm. Get in touch with us to learn more about the genetic makeup of your livestock so you can make informed, strategic decisions about your operations going far into the future.

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The Benefits of Genetic Testing for Dairy Cattle


Improved Breeding Decisions

Access to your dairy cattle’s genetic data makes it easy for you to identify animals with desirable genetic traits for milk production, fertility, disease resistance, and longevity. With this information, you can make informed breeding decisions to improve the quality of your dairy herd.


Increased Productivity

By identifying dairy cows with genetic traits associated with higher milk yield and better quality components (e.g. protein, fat), you can strategically drive herd productivity and increase the profitability of your dairy farming operations.


Disease Resistance

As well as positive traits, genetic testing can identify animals with a genetic predisposition to specific diseases or health issues. This data can be used to reduce disease incidence and veterinary costs and improve the overall health of your dairy herd.


Efficient Resource Utilisation

Identifying and selecting for traits such as feed efficiency and environmental adaptability improves resource utilisation, reduces feed costs, and minimises environmental impact. It also enables you to better assess your dairy cow feed requirements.


Long-Term Sustainability

Promote the nutrition, longevity and overall health of dairy cows. Contribute to farm sustainability by using genetic data to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the need for frequent herd replacements.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Continually refine your breeding strategies and management practices for maximum efficiency. Use objective data to inform decisions around breeding, nutrition, heifer selection, health and reproduction management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What genetic testing does XytoVet offer for dairy cattle?

    XytoVet offers a full 50K genomic test for dairy cows that is fully verified by DataGene. There are over 40 traits and indices included in the test, such as mastitis resistance, milk production, calving ease, Balanced Performance Index (BPI) and Sustainability Index (SI). These are useful for both improving genetic gain and overall herd performance.

    We upload all data to be reported via DataVat, DataGene’s web portal that gives producers access to reports and information related to the genetic evaluation system.

    We are also able to customise our testing to reflect the traits that matter most to your business, including A2, BVDV, and poll/horn analysis.

  • What is an index?

    Indexes take into account multiple traits and combine them into a single value, which is useful when you want to improve more than one trait at a time. Australia’s three breeding indices are Balanced Performance Index (BPI), Health Weighted Index (HWI) and Sustainability Index (SI). Dairy cows and bulls can receive a BPI, HWI and SI if there is sufficient data available in DataGene’s genetic evaluation system.

  • How do I take a DNA sample?

    XytoVet strongly recommend taking a tissue sample for DNA analysis. This sample is a small tissue punch from the ear of the animal. To do this, you will need an applicator and tissue sampling unit (TSU) that can be sourced from our recommended supplier. Each TSU has a unique ID that can be linked to the animal’s ear tag. This information will need to be sent via email to our team so that we can correctly match the sample to the animal during the laboratory process. We recommend contacting our team to help you through the process.

  • Why should I use DNA testing for my dairy herd?

    DNA testing is a reliable and efficient management tool for determining an animal’s genetic potential and predicting performance during its lifetime. By understanding the genetic potential of a young animal, dairy industry producers can make informed decisions about each animal and achieve better production outcomes from their herd.

  • How do I get started?

    Once you have a clear understanding of your breeding goals, please contact our team. Our Genetic Sales Consultants understand that every farm and breeding operation is unique, and we want to be able to provide the best solutions and customer experience for you. Our team will walk you through the process of how to order a sampling kit, how to complete the required paperwork and how the reporting process will work. If you require any assistance at any stage through the process, please contact us.

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